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Adult Eye Exams

Our Eye Exams Are Performed Using the Latest in Optical Diagnostic Technology

We Want the Best for Your Vision

We have invested in the latest optometric technology to provide our patients with a clear picture of their eye health. Your eye health is incredibly important to us and we take pride in knowing we can provide you the best care available thanks to our knowledgeable team and cutting-edge exam equipment.

We take the time to make sure you understand each test you are having and their results because we want you to be as invested in your vision as we are.

We feel if you have a better understanding of your overall eye health you will recognize the importance of annual eye exams. After all, being able to see the incredible world around us is a wonderful gift we don’t want you to ever miss out on.  

Eye Wellness Exams Are Important For Your Eye Health

Your eyes are important indicators of your overall health and wellness. Many eye conditions creep up on our patients silently, ultimately affecting their vision.

Our Optometrists and staff take the time to get to know you, your vision history, and your eye care needs. We look forward to providing every patient with honest advice, advanced testing, and eye health education. We promise to do our absolute best to have you seeing well for many years to come.

If you notice any changes in your vision we advise that you do not wait to have your eyes checked- please book in for an eye exam right away. The earlier we catch and treat an eye condition the more likely we are to lessen your chances of vision loss.

Don’t Pay Out of Pocket If You Don’t Have To

If you have benefits through your workplace or a private healthcare plan, you likely have coverage for an annual eye exam. Each plan is a little different: you may have coverage every 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months. To confirm your coverage we suggest reaching out to your benefits provider.

It is important to note that the AHCIP (Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan) covers annual eye exams for those who are under the age of 19 and over the age of 65.

Important Information About Our Eye Wellness Exams

Do I need an eye exam annually?

For those who do not have any health conditions that put them at risk for eye diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid problems, an eye exam is recommended every 1 to 2 years.

Due to the body’s natural ageing process (and the effect it has on our eyes), it is recommended that senior citizens have their eyes examined annually.

If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition or have the risk potential to develop one (family history, diabetes, etc), we recommend you have an eye exam yearly.

Ask the Optometrist during your appointment which frequency is ideal for your optical health.

How long will my appointment be?

We understand that time is a valuable commodity in our patients lives. Taking this into consideration, a comprehensive eye wellness exam at Lakeland Family Eyecare is approximately 60 minutes.

We Continue to Invest in New Technology and Ongoing Training

Nearly 15 years ago Lakeland Family Eyecare was one of the first Optometry clinics to use a digital retina camera. This amazing piece of technology allowed us to take pictures of the back of the eye.

Today, we are excited to be one of the first clinics to use something known as OCT technology. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is similar to an MRI. It scans the layers of the eyes retina, taking cross-section pictures of the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. This technology allows our eye doctors to see any abnormalities or eye diseases at their earliest stages.

Next Steps

Early Detection is Vital to Retaining Your Vision

Did you know that nearly 75% of vision loss is preventable? Extensive research has shown that early detection and prevention is paramount for your optical health.

Several eye conditions, such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, and Glaucoma, often go undetected in their initial stages until damage to vision has already occurred.

By visiting us for annual exams, we can effectively monitor your eye health. Having a vision care history for each of our patients allows us visibility into any changes in your eyes- ones you may not even be aware of.