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Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Are You Considering Corrective Laser Eye Surgery? We Can Help You Live a Life Without Lenses.

By Your Side, Every Step of the Way

When it comes to laser eye surgery, the doctors at Lakeland Family Eyecare are seasoned veterans. We are with our patients throughout the entire process; from determining if they are a viable surgery candidate, educating them about what to expect throughout the procedure, to following up and monitoring overall eye health post-surgery.

The only part we won’t be with you is the surgery itself!

Preoperative Consultation

At your preoperative consultation we will evaluate your eyes to determine your candidacy for laser eye surgery. The Optometrist will discuss your vision goals to determine if you are a viable candidate for LASIK, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange, or ICL (implantable contact lens).

Our consultation includes:

    • Counseling on refractive surgery options
    • Eye dominancy testing
    • Current refraction status and refractive stability
    • Evaluation of the cornea and overall eye health
    • Eye history review
    • Discuss relevant previous or current health conditions

If after the preoperative evaluation we determine viable candidacy, we will forward your information onwards to the Ophthalmologist. You will then have a pre-surgery consult scheduled with your surgeon.

Postoperative Care and Follow Up

We understand the importance of postoperative management and are pleased to provide it for our patients once they have completed their procedure. After surgery care is a critical step to ensuring a successful outcome and healthy eyes.

You can expect multiple visits with our Optometrist following your surgery date. These visits will include medical evaluations and management of your vision and eye healing. We will also assess any additional needs you may require, such as reading glasses, sunglasses, or enhancement laser procedures.

Important Things to Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Not Everyone is a Viable Surgery Candidate

Unfortunately, patients with certain medical or eye conditions may not be good laser eye surgery candidates. During the thorough preoperative evaluation, our Optometrist will discuss any possible limitations you may have.

Some conditions that may affect your candidacy are:

  • Chronic dry eye problems
  • Corneal diseases
  • Thin corneas
  • Eye abnormalities
  • Medical conditions, such as patients with diseases affecting their immune system

To find out if you benefit from laser eye surgery, book a consultation with one of our doctors today.

Laser Eye Surgery is a Common and Effective Procedure

Did you know Canada was one of the first places in the world to perform laser eye surgery? Over 75,000 Canadians receive laser eye surgery every year. It is the highest practiced vision correction procedure in North America, with excellent success rates.

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