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Vision Therapy

A Vision Therapy Program, Designed Just For You

Physical Therapy For Your Eyes and Brain

Vision therapy, also referred to vision training, is often part of a treatment plan aimed at improving vision skills. A series of “exercises” or procedures are performed under our Optometrists supervision. The sessions will focus on improving things such as eye movement control, eye coordination, depth perception, and ability to focus.

Vision therapy focuses on improving the cognitive process involved in a patient’s vision.

Vision Therapy and Who It Can Benefit

There are a variety of vision conditions and concerns that can be treated with vision therapy. They include:

    • Strabismus (crossed eyes)
    • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
    • Sports vision improvement
    • Reading and learning disabilities
    • Double vision
    • Focusing difficulties
    • Binocular coordination difficulties
    • Neurological disorders or traumas
Vision Therapy for Children

Vision therapy is a non-invasive treatment for children that has rehabilitative benefits. It is designed to improve the neural activity between the eye and brain, leading to notable improvements in your child’s ability to read and learn.

We aim to decrease their frustration at home and in school and increase their engagement.

To find out if your child can benefit from vision therapy, contact us to schedule an eye exam [LINK: children’s eye exam].

Important Information About Vision Therapy

Determining Your Vision Therapy Treatment

Before you can begin your vision therapy program, we need to see you for a comprehensive eye wellness exam. Once the Optometrist has evaluated your overall eye health and vision he or she can walk you through the appropriate treatment and frequency.

Frequency of Therapy Sessions

This will depend on the type of vision problem you have, how long the condition has existed, and the level of improvement desired. After your initial eye exam, the Optometrist will discuss all of the above with you and determine your course of treatment.

Once or twice weekly sessions can be expected for many patients. These sessions are approximately 30-60 minutes.

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