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Visual Field Testing

Computerized Visual Field Testing is another Effective Diagnostic Technique to Evaluate Your Eye Health

What is a Visual Field Test?

The area that you can see – without moving your head – is known as your visual field. A visual field test allows our Optometrist to assess your peripheral vision which gives the Optometrist excellent information regarding the visual pathway from your eye to your brain.

During a visual field test we will measure:

  • How far up, down, left, and right the eyes are able to see without you head moving
  • The quality and sensitivity of vision in different parts of your visual field
What to Expect During a Visual Field Test

Visual fielding testing is a straightforward and painless test.

You will be seated infront of a machine known as a Humphrey Visual Field Analyser. We will have you place your chin comfortably on the chin rest and guide you through each test. You will see a series of dim flashing lights and be asked to press a button when you see them.

Each eye will be tested separately. The test is usually completed in under 10 minutes.

Safe and Non-Invasive

Visual field testing does not have any invasive aspects. It is a safe, simple, and effective diagnostic component of our optometric toolbox.


As we previously mentioned, visual field testing tells the Eye Doctor how well the nerves are functioning from the back of the eye to the brain.

It is vitally important for determining many eye diseases and health conditions such as: glaucoma, optic neuritis, MS, brain tumours, macular degeneration, medication toxicity from certain meds such as Plaquenil, and strokes.

Because of it’s importance we do a screening visual field test on all of our adult patients as part of your comprehensive eye wellness exam.

Using an instrument called an FDT (frequency doubling technology) we are able to accurately test your peripheral vision in about a minute to assess if there are any potential defects that may require further in-depth testing.

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