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Safety Eyewear

Prevent Eye Injury with Safety Eyewear

Every Year Over 250,000 Canadians Sustain Eye Injuries on the Job

It is humbling to know that the majority of these injuries could have been prevented with proper safety eyeglasses. Many eye injuries result in lost time from work or school and temporary or even permanent vision loss.

Eye Safety on the Job, At Home, and in Sports

We believe in protecting your eyes at all times, but especially when it comes to situations in your life that increase the risk of an eye injury. Whether you are facing hazards on the job, working on a project at home, or playing your favorite sport[LINK: Sports Eyewear] – your eye safety should come first.

Your Work Safety Eyewear May Be Covered

Many employers that require safety eyewear for the jobs of their staff will cover a certain amount of their cost. We will make sure the eyewear you purchase with us complies with the required safety standards.

As well, our invoicing will be set up to meet the needs of your accounting and benefits department at work.

Important Information About Safety Eyewear

Potential Eye Hazards to Consider

Every day we are exposed to hazards in our life that can potentially damage our eyesight. The following is a brief list of risks we each may face, depending on our lifestyle.

    • Flying objects during sports, be it the sports equipment or the limbs of other players
    • Chemicals – At work or at home, with the potential to spray or splash back into your face and eyes
    • Wood chips, dust, dirt and other irritants
    • Projectiles from using power trimmers, lawn mowers, grinding tools, and other power tools
    • UV rays from the sun and blue light radiation from digital devices
Prescription Safety Eyewear

You don’t have to wear two sets of glasses at work if you don’t want to. We are able to provide our patients with comfortable and practical prescription safety eyewear.

Take Care of Your Safety Eyeglasses

Just like your daily wear eyeglasses, proper treatment is required for your safety pair too. Here are some tips to ensure a long shelf life for your eyewear:

    • Store them properly in a case when not in use
    • Clean your lenses with designated lens cleaning solution only
    • Check hinges and screws to ensure everything is snug and in place- You do not want your lens to pop out or one of the arms to break off in the middle of your activity

Next Steps

What Makes Safety Eyewear Different from Regular Glasses?

There is a considerable difference between regular eyeglasses and safety eyewear. The lenses and frames of safety glasses and goggles must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance.

Safety eyewear is has very strict requirements and there are several different categories of eye protection depending on your work safety requirements.

We can help you determine which eyeglasses or goggles will provide the protection you need.