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Sports & Specialty Eyewear

Enhance Your Vision and Performance With Our Sports and Specialized Eyewear

90% of Eye Injuries During Sports Are Preventable

While some sports are more hazardous than others, every sport presents a risk of damaging our eyes. We face flying projectiles, environmental elements, and the flailing limbs of our teammates and opponents.   

Common avoidable eye injuries from sports include:

    • Scrapes or cuts to the cornea (corneal abrasion)
    • Eye trauma from blunt objects (puck, ball, elbow, etc)
    • Penetrating injuries from things such as plastic or wood splinters
Maintain Great Style While Protecting Your Eyes

You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality when it comes to eyewear. We are pleased to provide a vast selection of specialized eyewear from today’s most popular brands. Come in and find something you love!

Finding the Right Fit and Type of Eyewear for Your Specific Needs

Knowing what to look for in protective sports eyewear can be difficult. Don’t worry, we have done the legwork and research for you. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to guide you through the selection and fitting process.

We carry eyewear for:

  • High Impact Sports – Featuring materials like polycarbonate frames and lenses, contoured frames to fit your face, or eyeglasses designed to fit under or attach to helmets.


  • Skiing/Snowboarding – Specific tinting designed to lessen the intense sunlight from the snow while you are on the slopes while at the same time providing excellent impact resistance protection.
  • Goggles – Comfortable and secure for any water or snow related sport you may take part in.
  • Safety Glasses – Ideal for machine shops, home renovations, working with chemicals, and any other situation in life where you want to keep what you are doing out of your eyes.



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